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Item 1: Beautifully carved wooden Mid 20th century Buddha found near Bagan Myanmar ( Burma). This Buddha measures 43" or 110cm and is in very good condition. Australia Shipping Only

Item 2: Beautiful black and gold early 20th century hand carved wooden standing Buddha expressing Varada Kasaya Mudra was found near Bagan Myanmar (Burma). This Buddha measures 46" or 117cm and is in excellent condition. Australia Shipping Only

Item 3: Rare small size Nepalese Goddess c mid 19th century "Green Tara Buddha". The Green Tara Buddha in Buddhism is considered the one of "Enlightened Activity" in Tibetan Buddhism. Tara is regarded as a Bodhisattva of compassion and action. Measures 4" or 10cm and is made of gilt copper on bronze

Item 4: Beautiful gilt copper on bronze small size Nepalese Goddess of "Parvati". Parvati is another form of Shakti the wife of Shiva and is known as the goddess of all powers and weapons. Measures 5" or 14cm and dates c mid 19th century.

Item 5: Large clay (terracotta) piggy bank from the "Majapahit Kingdom" Java Indoneisa 14th century, East Java. Measures 10 1/2" high, 15 1/2" long. Slits on top and bottom have broken open by grave robbers to recover the Chinese bronze coins which were used as currency during this period. Comes with certificate from the National Museum of Jawa-Timur

Item 6: Bronze mid 20th century Thi Buddha head measuring
53cm or 21" with custom made stand. Beautiful display piece.

Item 7: Bronze Buddha head from Siam dates mid late 19th century "Ayutthaya Kampheng of Buddha Sakyamuni" (The Awakened One). He has a serene expression, closed eyes, smiling lips and elongated earlobe with earnings. Measures 19 1/2" or 50 cm. Comes with custom stand.

Item 8: Beautiful rare Waterford crystal double burner banquet lamp made by a English company "Falk Stadelmann" 1890-1920 with wheel cut diamond pattern font, column and base. Corinthian style brass mount with etched green glass shade 35" (86 cm)

Item 9: Rare 18th century Indonesian Kris, silver, gold, Ivory, Iron. Origin Minangkabau West Sumatra. Sheath decorated front and back in beautiful worked gold and silver inlay pattern. Beautiful Ivory hilt with carved human motif figure on Ivory handle. Sword measures 17 1/2", weight 750 Gr and has 7 curves (Loks)

Item 10: Brass ships bell possiably a revolutionary bell made and used for the revolution in Cuba in 1958-1959. The bell is marked "Ernesto Che Guevara La Habana"; Che Guevera was a socialist who took part in the Cuban revolution with Fidel Castro in 1959 and was killed in 1967. The bell was found in Panama Central America earlier this year 2009 and is in excellent condition. The bell measures 12" high x 12" diameter and weights 44 lbs.

Item 11: WWII German Army officers issue dagger complete with hangers and portapee. Hangers are marked "D.R.G.M " and dagger blade is marked with the makers name "F.W.Holler Solingen ". The dagger blade is in excellent condition and measures 15 1/2" long
WAS $1,650
NOW $950

Item 12: Early 1950's German cast iron copy of a rare late 19th century clock produced by German clockmaker's "Uhren Jrager & Co" of Germany. The clock is called "The Dutch Salesman who travelled with sample clocks on his back". The clock stands 15" high, with a 36 hour wind up clockwork mechanism and pendulum. Working

Item 13: "Kendedes" is the wife of "Ken Arok" who was the king of Singosari Java Indonesia c1222-1292. Kendedes was so beautiful she became a symbol in Javanese history. Statue is bronze and stands 44" high 21" wide and weights 62lbs. Age is unknown and comes complete with stand and is sold as it is a display statue

Item 14: "Kuera" is believed to be the god of money in the Majapahit Hindu Kingdom Indonesia c1293-1518. The statue is made of bronze and stands 63" high x 19" wide. It's weight is 57 lbs and comes complete with stand. Age is unknown and is sold as it is a display statue

Item 15: "Budi Satwa" is someone unknown who takes meditation in the forrest (Satwa) for a unknown length of time before to become a Budah. Height is 44", width 20". Weight is 57 lbs and is made of bronze and comes complete with stand. Age is unknown and is sold as it is a display statue

Item 16: Early tin plate wind up spring steam engine marked "D.R.G.M" working. Stands 10" tall

Item 17: "Z.M.F." clockwork "Luggage Porter" marked "Made in the U.S.A Zone Germany".
Stands 5 3/4" tall working

Item 18: West Australian hardwood Woomera leaf shape with fine zig zag incised
meandering design 30 1/2"

Item 19: Rare 30" long Aboriginal hardwood " Leangle Club" found in Victoria Australia. Leangle clubs were used by Aboriginals in Victoria up till white settlement in the Mid 1860's. Provence.Zanesville Museum of Art. USA. Sold Webbs Fine Art N.Z 19 June 2010

Item 20: The Kingdom of Majapahit (Ceremonial Club 13th Century)
During the 13th century Majapahit, named after a fruit, succeeded Singasari as the dominant power in Indonesia. In the late13th century this period in Indonesian history became known as the Majapahit Kingdom. The golden age of political and cultural development, historical figures and artistic motifs. During the 13th century the Majapahit Kingdom was the largest empire to ever form in southeast Asia. This ceremonial club was dug by a rice farmer near Thowulan Singasari in the late part of the 18th century and has been handed down to family members over the years. Trowulan was a religious site for Majapahit with the centre of a huge Mandala. The club is copper, bronze composition and measures16” (41cm) with a top circumference of 8” (20cm). Weight is 2.75 lbs (1.25kg), and it has been cast in two parts by “Lost Wax Casting”. It has been x-rayed for authenticity and dates 13th century.

Item 21: WWII chromed trenchart B29 bomber ashtray made from various calibre bullets and one large base 4" shell dated 1942 for its base. Ashtray measures 10" high x 9 1/4 wide at the top


Item 22: Beautiful Art Deco four sided square hanging lamp c 1920's in excellent working condition.Measures 21 1/2" long x 13 1/3" wide

Item 23: Early collection of Art Deco hair combs and buckles in an old box. There are 7 combs, 1 French marked purple belt buckle and two other older buckles shown.

There are another five pieces not shown; 3 tortoiseshell hair clips and two buckles
$650 the lot

Item 24: Large Zuid-Holland Gouda hand painted commemorative charger "Koningin 1898-1938 Wilhelmina" "Vivat Orange". This charger measures 14" or 35 cm and is well marked with a motto on the ship "Moed Beleid Trouv" In excellent condition
WAS $2,500
NOW $1,800

Item 25: "Boy" mannequin c 1960's life size 40" tall, elbow to elbow 19". Painted hard plastic with detachable arms, elbows and hands and one leg for dressing. Made of painted hollow hard plastic with some slight spotted discolouring and spotted paint crazing. Marked "KTB 310" and weights in at 18 lbs. Complete with stand and clothes

Item 26: Early brass possiably carriage light with tinted green beveled glass lens and retracting candle holder possiably c1860-1880. The light is marked "Willocq:Bottin London-Bruxelles No 463 S=587 78" Light measures 11 1/2" high
WAS $600
NOW $450

Item 27: Early Australian fencing helmet measuring 20" high.The makers name and
date is impressed into the leather and
reads " Nutting & word cannot be read
Saddlers Melbourne 1916"

Item 28: Early central West Australian desert Aboriginal harwood fighting club c1880. The fighting club is probably made of Acacia wood and has spinifex resin at the end near the grip which helps to grip the club. There are also some faint crossed carvings near the grip handle which have worn over the years. The club is beautifully carved with large incised meandering lines ending to a tapering point,and has very lovely aged patination. Club measures 27" long.

Item 29: Beautiful early 1960's Australian valve radio by "His Masters Voice" Little Nipper". Radio has been serviced with excellent sound and condition is A1 model 64-52
For Australian market only


Item 30: Rare set of four USA railway cap badges, nickel on brass c1900's, Baggage and Transfer, Trainman, Baggage Master, Brakeman
4"-4 1/2" long and from 1"- 1 1/2" high

Item 31: "Blood Circulator" c1910 "Original disease curing machine by G.J MaCaura Esq, National Medical University Chicago". Has original box, instructions and working

Item 32: Large Indonesian Bronze hollow cast late 20th century ceremonial ornate key. Key measures 12" long with the top part 5" wide. The key was dug at a burial ground in Trowulan Java Indonesia

Item 33: Pair 19th century Manchu embroidered and applied silk satin platform shoes. Shoes are in excellent condition and measure 24 cm long.

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