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Item 34: Antique brass car horn. c1920's. Marked on side and front "Lucas King Of The Road No38".In good working order. 16" long.

Item 35: Early "Facit" calculator Sweden No 19463 working 5 ½" high

Item 36: 'Villeroy & Bosch' charger 45 cm diameter  C1860

Item 37: Art Deco reproduction statues made from brass and bronze, silver plated. 20"
Quality made. 
 $375 each

Item 38: Early clay pipes from England,
Ireland and Scotland.
Most are all marked and embossed
with pictures. Enclosed in a sealed
cabinet. c1840-1860. 18" x 12".

Item 39: Early Venetain glass bead necklaces ( Trade Beads).
Number 1: Orange color carnelian with silver spacers East Java c1850 $375
Number 2: Red Venetain glass necklace East Java c1860 $325
Number 3: Blue and white Venetain glass necklace with ellipsoid shaped beads and eye bead spacers $325

Item 40: Beautiful bronze commemorative medallion commemorating the begining of the "Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie" also known as the "The United East India Company VOC 1602" and the onset of Hollands national airline "The Royal Dutch Airline PH-KLM 1928". The medallion measures 1 1/2" dia and is signed PK & HSL on both sides and is in excellent condition

Item 41: Chinese scrimshaw bone and horn opium pipe c1930's measuring 20 1/4" long.
This pipe has had a replacement bowel due to long use and has been cleaned internally.
Only some exterior yellowing showing due to use

Item 42: Early 1920's USA copper and enameled sash slider in its original marked box "Hafis New York City " 2 1/2" long

Item 43: Beautiful early eastern block crucifix c1900 standing 13 1/2" high

Item 44: Huge rare "Frozen Charlie" fine China porcelain doll. Measuring 16". In mint
condition with no imperfections. Very
rare in this size.

Item 45: The Carpet Seller by Royal Doulton. HN 1464 designer Harradine issue 1929. 9".

Item 46: Rare WW 11 submarine tie pin in excellent condition. Could be one of only four different ones produced during the war years. 2 1/2"

Item 47: Two original brass and porcelain "Shell" advertising badges. c1950-60's.
1". Pins missing. Postage and
shipping free.

Item 48: 1st Royal Automobile Club nickle plated brass associate member's badge.
7". "Edward Vll". 1907-1910. In
excellent condition.

Item 49: Rare original c1970's life size
"Robot Cotton Candy Vending Machine"
by "Kuen Tai" of Taiwan. All original, in working order. Measures 4' 7" high x 18 1/2" wide. Blinking eyes, makes cotton candy, original money box with original locks and keys.

Item 50: Art Deco SPELTER figurine on marble base. Signed C1920's

Item 51: "Buckmaster 184 Survival Knife" U.S.A Issue Navy Seal Bowie-Bladed survival knife with sheath as displayed. One of only 53000 made in 1986 by USA based company Qual-A-Tec

Item 52: "Trench Art WW1" Seven pieces, napkin holder, letter opener, and five beautiful intricate hinged wrist bracelets. Close up photos can be provided as some pieces are marked and detail cannot be seen
WAS $800
NOW $600

Item 53: Royal Winton toast rack c1935. Marked "Royal Winton Grimwades", England. 7".

Item 54: Rare bronze elephant head cigar cutter c1880 measuring 6 1/2" marked "S.S with star on tower" possiably English

Item 55: Early Art Deco Gouda ceramic personalized business advertising ashtray.
Reads "AutoHandle J.V.D Linden. Bergen op Zoom Tel 1334" 6½"

Item 56: Early English Gollywog pin collection by "Robinson Jams" "Golden Shred England" c1950's. There are a total of 17 marked pieces x4 golfing (Two hitting, two backstroke) x 2 playing cricket, x 4 playing tennis, x 1 playing the guitar, x 2 playing soccer, x 3 running and one standing. All pins in good condition measuring 1 1/4" and sold as a collection
$950 packed & shipped

Item 57: Rare 1920's uranium glass "Cascade Brewery Co.Ltd" Hobart Tasmania Australia soda syphon with its original paper label. Measures 12 1/2" high. Maker "Mayo Syphons Ltd London"

Item 58: WW1 trench art brass artillary shells both 13 1/2" tall. Marked "YPRES" for the battle of Ypres fought in 1914 and the other shell is marked "SOMME" for the battle of the Somme fought in 1916. The shell marked "YPRES" is base marked "75 DEC, MS ,Fre 25L 17X, and the other marked "SOMME" is base marked "75 DFC, MAM 43L 16". Both of these shells have been hand crafted by an unknow soldier during WW1.
$300 pair

Item 59: Early 20th century Kina Shell Gold Lipped pearl shell necklaces 80-100 years old from the Southern Highlands of New Guinea. Used as traditional currancy and traded many times over. The bigger the shell the wealthier the man but it was not what you owned in shells but what you gave away in ceromonial exchanges which lifted your prestige and indebted people to you.

Left necklace: 7 1/2" wide x 6 1/2 " high $700
Right necklace: 8 1/2" wide x 8" high $750

Item 60: Beautiful early West Australian pondy yacht c1900. This yacht or boat was made in the suburb of Bayswater West Australia c1896 and took almost four years to complete and was made to be sailed in the Swan river Perth West Australia. It is all original ceder and oak planked and ribbed construction and finish. Double masted un-rigged with all its orignal fittings. Measurements stern to bow ( LOA) 47", Stern to bowsprit 60", beam 17 1/2 ", draft 14" and mast height from deck 47 1/2"

Item 62: Beautiful 18th century Russian silver & enamelled pectoral cross.Measures 2 1/2" high x 1 3/4 wide with provenance Iconastas London

"Lady of Sorrow"

Item 63: "Lady of Sorrow" Italian marble statue, early 19th century, 46"/ 120cm tall.
Was found in the ruins of
a burnt out Catholic church in Central Java.

Item 64: "Duff Beer". An original rare can of
Homer Simpson's favorite beer, "Duff Beer".
This beer was produced in the 1990's by the
"Razorback Beverages Brewery Barton South
Australia" until it was withdrawn for sale
due to legal action by Twentieth Century Fox
against the company. It was only produced
for a short time and all remaining stock
had to be destroyed at the time. What
remains has very good investment potential.
Well marked in mint condition.
WAS $500
NOW $300

Item 65: Victorian champagne screw c 1880 marked "Holborn Champagne Screw". Measures 6 3/4" or 17 cm. In excellent condition

Item 66: Beautiful early French pictorial biscuit tin c1910's measuring 7 ½" wide x 4 ½" high.
Reads "Biscuits Milanais au mais scapini Paris" maker Picard.Petot.Pantin. In excellent condition.

Item6 7: Beautiful Art Nouveau figural maiden cigar and cigarette lamp c1902. Marked "W.M.F. RS" Silver metal 7 1/2" high

Item 68: Early Victorian c1890 brass paper clips.

Large 5 1/2" $95
small 5" $80

Item 69: Rare 18th century bronze Japanese open coal kimono iron 9 1/2" long.
Stand not included, and original holding
stick missing due to age.

Item 70: Small sample of 18 pieces of original sheet music dated 1884-1910
from Australia and London. All are
complete and are from graphic
artists like Andrew Concane
and Edward Laby.

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